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A turned fuel injector component that contains very detailed features incluing very precise angular bores.
A special sized hydraulic fitting with an extra long thoat.  The component has been plated per customer standards.
This is a very tiny adapter produced for an application for applying air to an item.  Very small threads...
This is a shaft that contains multiple surface disruptions that has been fully burnished and maintains an excellent surface finish.

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APT&M is a premium manufacturer of shafts and other turned components.  We specialize in close tolerance shafts and can typically hold them to the 0.0003 to 0.0005 inch diameter range.  We also offer burnishing services that can produce a mirror finish to 5 micro-inches (0.125 micro-meters) average roughness finish or lower.  We're capable of burnishing shafts with shallow tapers, threaded ends, key-ways, interrupted surfaces, and even shafts with obstructions on one end.

This is a high surface finish bracket adapter that has been milled out of a solid block of aluminum.  Excellent detail and highly precise...
This is a steel component, that's been plated, which has been milled out of a solid block of material.  See bigger pictures in the slideshow...
This is a highly detailed stainless steel component for the food industry that contains milled in lettering. See the slideshow for more details.
This is a milled aluminum bracket that has been cut out of a solid block.  It's highly detailed and required very precise feature placement.

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APT&M has years of experience with machining metal components and pledges a commitment to our customers satisfaction by supplying defect free products.  We specialize in machining metal components and can create the features that most manufacturers cannot.  Some of these features include close tolerance angular bores, complex milled geometry, high surface finishes, and hard turning.

This is a highly detailed turned plastic component that wasn't feasible to injection mold.  We specialize in turning plastic matierals.
This is a dispensing nozzle cut from a solid piece of plastc stock that is translucent.  For larger images see the slideshow.
This is a highly detailed plastic component that's milled out of a solid block of plastic material. 
We also work with other types include PTFE, Nylatron, ABS, Acetal, Derlin, PVC, Urethane, UHMW, and Vespel.

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We're a premium plastics manufacturer because we listen and respond to our customers needs, desires and directions.  Machining plastics is often regarded as a black art because the materials change shape while they are being machined.  Selecting a manufacturer that is accustomed to cutting plastics is critical to obtain the quality and delivery commitments that are necessary for your business.  The experience of our in house plastics machining experts will provide you with the parts you need on time.

Speciality molds for a variety of industries.  This mold contains milled in lettering so the component contains it as a feature.
We manufacture fixtures.  This one contains a mix of stainless, aluminum, and nylon. 
APT&M also specializes in making mold sections for foam extrusion molds and builds a variety of special jigs and fixtures for a wide variety of industries.

Fixtures & Mold Tooling

Equipment List

CNC Lathe #1 1 3/4 inch Through Spindle 24 inch length
CNC Lathe #2 2 inch Through Spindle 24 inch length W/bar feed
CNC Lathe #3 3 1/2 inch Through Spindle 24 inch length W/bar feed
Vertical Mill #1 40 x 20 x 25 inch travel w/rotary indexer
Vertical Mill #2 40 x 20 x 25 inch travel w/rotary indexer
Vertical Mill #3 40 x 20 x 25 inch travel w/rotary indexer
Production Saw 12 3/4 inch square cut capacity
Knee Mill W/Digital Readout 36 x 15.7 x 16 inch travel
Surface Grinder 8 x 16 x 12 inch bed
Arbor Press 6 ton x 21 inch height
Our assortment of lathes allows us to be very cost effective by using bar feeders and live tooling to help keep costs as low as possible.
Our quality is excellent because we take the time to maintain our equipment and use it to our advantage to provide the best possible products.

Special Quality Control Equipment List

Deltronic VMS 121 Resolution to 0.00005 inches

Quality Control


APT&M is able to provide specialized machining services due to our selection of inspection equipment, well trained office staff, and stringent quality control processes.


We proudly utilize video inspection equipment, and other gauging, to ensure the job is done right the first time.

APT&M prides themselves on using high quality visual measurement tools to provide the level of service that our customers desire.

Primary Services

Milling W/Rotary Indexing Up to 40 x 20 x 25 inches
Turning W/Bar Feeding & Live Tooling Up to 3.5 x 24 inches through
Saw Cutting Up to 12 3/4 inches square
Manual Mill & Lathe Various
This is an example of a high surface finished turned component we've produced.  Contact us about producing your components...

Secondary Services

Laster Etching 4 to 36 point Font
Shaft Burnishing 0.250 to 1.004 inch diameter x 36 inch length
Bore Burnishing 0.250 to 2.500 inch diameter x 6 inch depth max
Welding TIG & Arc Capabilities
Broaching Up to 1/2 inch
Small Assembly Up to 500 pcs per month
We can laser etch a wide variety of parts. Contact us for more information...

Other Services

ID & OD Grinding
Centerless Grinding
Chrome Plating
Nickel Plating
Black Oxide Plating
Cadmium Plating
Clear Anodizing
Hard Anodizing
Heat Treating
Powder Coating
highly detailed tool steel turned and machined component that is plated per customer specification.

Over 17 Years of History


We employ progressive design and machining techniques using CNC equipment and CAD design.  We also maintain emphasis on continuous improvement and education while striving to produce premium quality products at very competitive prices.


All Points Tool & Manufacturing Inc. was established in December 2000, is a family owned and operated corporation.  Michael Senetar, President of the company and one of the original founders, holds a BS degree from Indiana State University with over 43 years of experience in manufacturing.  His knowledge is vast with experience in machining, tool & die, quality management, raw material applications of metals and plastics, as well as the building and design of special machines.  While Michael provides technical assistance to the company his daughter, Krisha Senetar, BA from Indiana University, handles the day-to-day operations of the facility.  Michaels son, Michael J Senetar III, holds a BSME degree from Valparaiso University and is called on to assist on special projects.


It is the belief at All Points Tool & Mfg. that a good reputation is paramount to success.  The company does not employ a full-time sales force but has been able to grow and service our customers by keeping low overhead costs and producing quality parts.  All Points Tool & Mfg. encourages new customers to visit the facility and see for themselves what makes us different.  We are conveniently located just west of the crossroads of route 30 & 31 just north of the new Love's gas station in Plymouth Indiana.





APT&M takes pride in being an American owned and privately held company.   All of our services are based on the values, culture, national pride and work ethic that have made this country so great.


Our decisions are based on needs and best interests of our customers and not necessarily those of stock holders. Our business model was created based on today’s customer needs and not those of the perpetually fluctuating stock market.


At APT&M our customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we greatly appreciate your business.

"Quality through Experience & Technology"

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